Pricing + Services


Pricing + Services


Architectural Services

How does choosing a licensed Architect project you?


Standard Hourly billing rates

$250/hour — Principal Architect

$150/hour — Project Architect

$180/hour — Specifications

$150/hour — Renderings

$90/hour — Drafting

$60/hour — Administrative Office Duties  


Fixed Fees — Sometimes, clients need to know the total cost before starting. Talk with us about getting an estimate.


Architectural Services — This is our bread and butter. We coordinate all the engineers, interior design, landscape design, etc. with a unified delivery system.

Construction Administration — Don’t be pushed around by general contractors. Have us act as your expert eyes on the construction site to make sure you’re getting what you are paying for.

Interior Design — Many of our clients want to know that they are getting the best design possible.  Interiors make a huge impact on your satisfaction with the finished building.

3D Virtual Reality Scan

Sale Price:399.00 Original Price:749.00

Get your existing space scanned so that you’ll have reasonably accurate measurements and a knowledge of is existing.

Using our Matterport camera, we come to your site and scan the space and provide you with a 3d model you can view online.

This option is great for real estate agents who want to use this as part of their MLS listing.

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Pre-Design Options Study

Residential Pre-Design Options Study

Sale Price:649.00 Original Price:1,499.00

While a free consultation may be a good way to get to know us and share with us what you are hoping to accomplish, if you would like to have a more detailed analysis of what is possible on your property, our Premium Residential Architectural Consultation is a great deal.

In the Premium Consultation, we research your property, the zoning ordinances, architectural design guidelines, and other pertinent matters that could affect your project.  We then provide you an easy to read summary report that helps you make better decisions concerning your new home or addition project.

NOTE: Currently only available in Utah. Other states coming soon.

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Commercial Pre-Design Options Study

Sale Price:1,499.00 Original Price:2,999.00

Commercial architecture can be very confusing. Get help with our Pre-Design Options study that will provide a full report on your project’s feasibility including an analysis of applicable planning and zoning concerns, building code issues, and other valuable tools.

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