Six Years Ago . . .

by, David Clayton, AIA

It had been two weeks since being laid off, the Great Recession still causing high unemployment, and here I was unable to even get responses from any potential employers.  Closing myself off in our spare bedroom in the basement, I was praying intently for an answer of what to do to provide for my family.  And then, the phone rang . . .

It was my friend, Ben Crookston, who asked me if I could help draw up plans for a small apartment building remodel for his brother Nick.  Immediately, I felt a strong confirmation: this is the answer to my prayers.  It was at that moment, I knew I needed to start my own business.

It is amazing to me to think of how the past six years have flown by. Slowly building my business from that humble spare bedroom in the basement into a small firm of four people has been incredible. What also amazes me is how that small moment: that seed planted in the basement has become a livelihood for four families.  

So, now, as DEIV Architecture celebrates SIX YEARS in business, we want to thank all of our clients, consultants, and friends who have made this possible.  

God bless!

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