Frank Lloyd Wright – Some Tours

Frank Lloyd Wright is probably the most famous architect in the world.  Despite his passing nearly six decades ago, his work still inspires people.  Not too long ago, I had the opportunity to tour the Stromquist Residence in Bountiful, Utah.  It is the only Frank Lloyd Wright designed house in the state of Utah.

As an architect, it is hard to ignore the influence Wright has had on the field of architecture.  For me, I had often, while in school, dismissed Wright in my mind because when everyone else is going one way, I naturally look another way.  Touring the Stromquist residence, however, opened my eyes to why Wright has been considered a genius by so many.

Wright’s genius is not in constructability or rain protection.  It is widely acknowledged that if the roof doesn’t leak, it is not a genuine FLW house.  No, his genius is in the artistry of the architectural details.  

The Stromquist residence is actually lived in.  It is not open for tours typically because the son of the original owners owns, maintains and dwells in the structure.  But recently, released a great video on one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous houses, the Hollyhock house in Southern California. You can watch the video here:

For more on the Hollyhock house:

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